My story...

"You literally ought to be asking yourself all the time what is the most important thing in the world I could be working on right now, and if you are not working on that why aren’t you?” - Aaron Schwartz

A very powerful quote that got stuck in my head and that I’ve been pondering over for a while. Within the past year I’ve come to the realization with many important things in my life and one of those things has been: What can I do that really matters in life and that I’m strongly passionate about?


We have to start taking some personal responsibility and take care of the most important thing we have which is our health. We have become this sedentary population where sitting is the new smoking. We are intoxicating our bodies by eating way too much processed foods filled with unnatural ingredients and harmful additives. Finally our body starts to break down and we don’t understand why? We visit the doctor with the hope to find the source to our problems and a solution. Instead some of the doctors seems more interested to put you on prescription drugs, so they can earn commissions from Big Pharma, than to find the source of your illness and to cure you. Many times those pills doesn't cure you, instead you’re experiencing possible side effects and you’re facing new illnesses. Solution? Sadly more pills and it goes on and on and you’re on this hamster wheel without really realizing it. Congratulations, you just became a drug addict as well.

Do you think this is the path to a happy and healthy life?! Probably not and neither do I, this has to end now! We have to be proactive and we have to start self-educating and be our own health advocate. Bchfit’s ambition is to help people when it comes to the importance of exercise & nutrition. People who don’t have the financial capacity to afford a gym membership or a Personal Trainer. Most importantly, we want to help people who understand these problems that we are facing in today’s society and who are committed to make a change! To create this awareness we are turning bchfit into a Kick-Ass Lifestyle Brand and we are starting a global movement. The first step we have taken is creating a very powerful T-shirt and here’s where YOU come into the picture: By buying our T-shirt you help us make a difference in other people’s lives. 50% of bchfit’s profit are given to those in need, in forms of fitness related services. This will start locally here in Los Angeles, California and our vision is to be able to offer this throughout the US and globally.

Are you ready to contribute and be part of the CHANGE? 💪🏼🌎💫 

Benjamin Vozmediano
Founder, bchfit

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